Ginevra (CH)



INSOLITARIA ft. Altum Silentium Ensemble

Bari (IT)



INSOLITARIA ft Coro Novum Gaudium

Gioia del Colle – BA (IT)



INSOLITARIA ft Coro Novum Gaudium

Putignano – BA (IT)


15.10.22 8:00 pm


Art City Gallery -Berlin


14.10.22 8:00 pm

DUO w/Davide Incorvaia

Bali Kino, Berlin



INSOLITARIA ft Nelson Takahiro Kishi artist




INSOLITARIA ft Chiara Tedeschi photographer

Treviso (IT)


18.9.22 5:00 pm


Stadtpark Steglitz – Berlin


10.9.22 – 8:00 pm


Casa Corti, Como (IT)


3.9.22 EULIPAN 



27.8.22 – 2:00 pm


Stechlinsee (DE)


16.8.22 – 8:00 pm


Inselkirche, Hiddensee (DE)


30.7.22 – 9:00 pm


Palazzo Ippoliti – Pergine Valsugana (IT)


11.7.22 – 8:00 pm 


House of Music, Budapest (HU)


9.7.22 – 2:00 pm 


Art City People, Berlin


26.6.22 – 5:00 pm 


Potsdam-Eiche (DE)


24.6.22  – 6:00 pm 

Jazz DUO w/David Incorvaia 

Bali Kino, Berlin


11.6.22 – 7:00 pm


ORI Gallery, Berlin


14.5.22 – 11:00 pm

Jazz Workshop LB



28.4.22 – 8.00 pm

Ballhaus Wedding, Berlin



VORTEX -Green Tour 

Praga, Bratislava, Budapest, Brno


31.3.22 7:00  pm


Gallery, Berlin

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Vocal Training

Vocal Training

I am a passionate Vocal Teacher with 20 years of experience.

My approach has a strong emphasis on good classical technique as the basis for a variety of singing styles, including jazz, pop, rock and chanson.

My lessons build up the strength, power and tone of the voice through work on breathing and support, and bridging the gap between “chest” and “head” register.

In my experience, everyone has a voice and lessons are about learning how to make the most of it.

We’ll explore and expand the most resonant areas of the voice and build strength in those areas that are weak: extending vocal range, tuning, releasing tension and thinking about the communication of the music. 

I’ve found singing is a wonderful way for anyone to improve one’s confidence and mood as well as musicianship.

I am so excited also to help jazz passionate or aspirant jazz singer to improve their repertoire and learn scat singing and improvisation techniques.

Where you can find me:

Language: English, German, Italian

Singing and Swinging

"the first time I listened to a jazz concert it was love at first sight."

jazz has opened my mind, heart and ears"

For 10 years I have been organizing individual and group lessons focused on Jazz Music.

The Jazz Vocal Workshop Singing and Swinging provides an extensive introduction to the wide range of skills and techniques required.

Jazz and Improvisation are as much an approach as a style of music, and this course concentrates equally on understanding and interpreting jazz from the inside as it does on the techniques of singing it.

Topics covered include:

  • Physical and vocal warm-ups
  • Listening exercises and harmonies, ear training
  • Rhythm work
  • Jazz-style phrasing and expression
  • Singing in various styles, including swing, ballads and the blues
  • Vocal improvisation (Scat and Free)
  • Choosing repertoire and exploring jazz standards
  • Developing your own unique style

Where you can find me:

Language: English, German, Italian

"Singing has belonged to me since I was very young. I once jumped into a couple of lessons with Tamara ten years ago in Italy and she impressed me for her kindness and patience along with her undoubtable know-how. It then happened that we both moved abroad following different ways. Our paths crossed again at the beginning of this year when I asked if she also made online lessons possible since we still live in different countries and I had the need to develop my skill. We are now regularly meeting each other on Skype and my voice is finally slowly finding her way out to blossom. I reckon that Tamara has gorgeously adapted her teaching method to this system! She also provides me with the exercises I can then repeat by myself on mp3 format via Chat, which I find very useful and practical. Video calls do not worsen the quality of her lessons at all and we can meet up whenever suitable, also during vacations. I can only but recommend Tamara's online lessons!! Enjoy!" Teresa (Zurig -CH)
"Seit einiger Zeit habe ich bei Tamara Soldan Gesangsunterricht. Durch ihre ermutigende und unprätentiöse, natürliche Art ermöglichte sie es mir, meine Stimme zu entwickeln und mir die Angst vorm Singen zu nehmen. Seitdem bin ich mit Spaß und Enthusiasmus dabei. Ihre Gesangsstunden sind durchdacht und geprägt durch eine aufmerksame Präsenz und Begleitung. Gerade auch während ihres Vocal - Jazz Workshops, an dem ich zurzeit teilnehme, finde ich es großartig, dass sie die Stunden aufnimmt, sodass man sie sich zu Hause anhören und noch einmal durcharbeiten kann. Das ist wie ein doppelter Gesangsunterricht. Überhaupt, stellt sie einem viele Informationen zur Verfügung, die einem weiterhelfen. Ihre Leidenschaft insbesondere für den Jazzgesang ist ansteckend und motivierend. Ich bin mit Freude dabei." Claudia L. (Berlin)



“In September 2017 Michele and I met for a rehearsal for a new project. We talked about working through our roots, our background and our present. I thought about my music life, my experiences in Italy and in Berlin, what I am now, what is around me and what I would like to explain through the music. I had been singing Gregorian chants in a Schola Gregoriana in Italy for 10 years. It was a great experience and a totally different kind of music world. I grew up singing in a choir, I sang for a long time Palestrina and De Victoria but Gregorian chants are really another thing. So I had an idea: I took a couple of pieces, I went to Michele and told him: ‘please create a deep soundscape, with underground sounds so I can sing on it.’ It was the first time we played Ecce lignum and both of us got surprised while listening to what we had just created. We recorded this first rehearsal and it became a video. Extempore was born!”

Tamara Soldan


The duo Extempore was founded in Berlin by the singer Tamara Soldan and the electronic musician Michele Pedrazzi. The combination of their two musical backgrounds creates a virtual dialogue between past and present and between two musical forms that seem distant but are surprisingly compatible.

So becomes the archetype of Gregorian chant will find fertile terrain in which, along with electronic music will find a new contemporary light.

The Gregorian chant is presented in an abstract light, detached from its original context. Distributed over electronic textures, the chant becomes a pure vocal matter, ready to be processed by the machine.

Extempore is a journey among evocative fragments and unexpected soundscapes, where the ancient melodies enter a new dimension while still keeping their original drive: the movement that goes “from the darkness to the light.”

The first album is going to be released very soon.

Extempore has also the pleasure to collaborate with the video artist Mauro Lovisetto.

After two years of artistic experiments, he founded GRINDER_7 a project in which he brings music, video making and graphic art.

During the Extempore concerts, the videos created by Mauro are shown.

Extempore music was also selected as soundtrack for the documentary Frattura by Marzotti-Buttignol-Ghione, already presented at the Gibellina 2018 Night Visions Festival.




“I grew up singing Early Music. When I met Valentina Bellanova, great recorder and ney player, I felt it was the time to continue to explore this fascinating music world. “


VORTEX  brings back to life ancient music from the time between 1100 and 1500. That historical period, which is wrongly called “dark”, reveals instead a great cultural and musical creativity in Italy and in Europe.

From the Ars Nova Fiorentina to the French troubadours, from the Spanish Cantigas to the Notre Dame school, until Duffay: mysticism, love and costume stories, dances.


VORTEX  is: Tamara Soldan (Italian) for vocals, viella and Shruti, Valentina Bellanova (Italian) for recorder, ney and bagpipes.


Some topics:

LA MUSICA AL TEMPO DI DANTE (“Musik zur Zeit Dantes”)









In the fall of 2018 I went to listen to a concert in Berlin. I didn’t know the musicians beforehand but I was curious to hear a project that mixed jazz and Argentine music. 

It was great! Quique Sinesi’s music is so poetic and I felt so close to it.

When I later met Quique, we spoke about music, his Italian roots and my family connection with Argentina. We decided to weave together Italy and Argentina, our roots, music, stories and languages. In one word: Intrecci.”

The Project is called “Intrecci” and it combines jazz, improvisation, contemporary and Argentinian sounds. Original music by Quique Sinesi and lyrics written by Tamara Soldan.

Quique Sinesi is considered one of the most important and influential Argentine guitarists. He has released albums with renowned musicians and is a Grammy winner. His interpretations are immersed in the traditional music of the Andes, in candombe, jazz and classical music. Through the combination with improvisations, he presents himself with a very personal mix of styles. In addition, Quique reinterprets the seven-string guitar and the charango.

He played for years with the bandoneonist Dino Saluzzi and founded the group Alfombra Mágica with Matias Gonzalez and Horacio López. Some other musicians with whom he has played or recorded are: Enrico Rava, Pedro Aznar, Ruben Rada, Paquito de Rivera, Joe Lovano, Markus Stockhausen, Erling Kroner, Wolfgang Haffner, Marcelo Moguilevsky, Michael Forman, Carlos Aguirre, Juan Falú,Silvia Iriondo,Nora Sarmoria,Helena Ruegg,Michel Godard,Angelika Nieschier,Claudio Puntin, Karnataka College of Percusion, Dieter Ilg, Jasper Van Hof, Nazim, Daniel Messina, Pablo Ziegler Quintet, to name just a few.

Jim Hall commented: “One of the joys of my secret visit to Buenos Aires was meeting and hearing Quique Sinesi. He became instantly one of my favourite guitarists.”

In the project “Intrecci” he meets the crystal clear voice of the Italian jazz singer Tamara Soldan. Together, they take the audience on an emotional journey of discovery through Argentina, Andean tradition, original songs and tango in combination with jazz and poetic music.


Photo – Roberto Zanardo

Listen on Soundcloud:


Seras Verdad




“I had the pleasure in my life to meet and play with a lot of great musicians. Each of them left me something to think about, to study on, both musically and personally. But the most important thing, whether it’s a rehearsal, a session or a concert, whether it’s jazz, improvisation, traditional music, ancient music, is MAKING MUSIC.

During the Pandemic I am studying new repertoires, which combine my past musical experience with my studies on medieval music at the University of Musicology. A solo project and other collaborations in Berlin and internationally are being born.”

Solo project Birds and Love

w/ Kenneth Dahl Knudnes Orchestra

w/Belle Ciao

Biennale Venice


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