Tamara Soldan is a Singer and Music Artist actives in the European Jazz, Contemporary and Early Music scene.

Her projects and collaborations range from contemporary jazz and improvisation, to the interpretation of the Medieval repertoire to contemporary projects where she mixes ancient music with other art forms such as electronic music and visual art.

“I grew up in a small town in Veneto (Italy) where I was lucky enough to start studying the violin at the age of nine. In those same years, I begun singing in a choir and this allowed me to get closer to a different set of repertoires, from the Renaissance to the New Music of the 1900s, and to participate in and win numerous international competitions—among which there was the prestigious International Polyphonic Competition “Guido D’Arezzo”. This gave me a great opportunity to travel all over Europe, get to know other musical realities and connect to different people, cultures and languages.

I was 19 when I listened to a jazz concert for the first time. I immediately fell in love with it and started buying albums by Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Stan Getz, John Lewis and many, many others; listening and transcribing their solos until I leant them. It was then that I decided to start touring Italy to chase the most important Italian, European and American musicians and teachers and try to get even deeper into this wonderful music.

Jazz was not enough to satisfy my musical curiosity though, so when I was called as a soloist by the “Schola Gregoriana Aurea Luce”. I accepted and learned and sang Gregorian Chants for ten years. I also collaborated with “L’Arsenale”, the contemporary music and Nuova Musica ensemble. With the latter I was put to the test with the interpretation of “Diario Polacco N.2” by Luigi Nono and the participation in some international festivals such as the Venice Biennale Musica, Venice Biennale Arte,  Asolo International Festival.

I studied at the Conservatory in Adria (Italy) where I graduated in Jazz Music with full marks. During my Master in Jazz music, I had the opportunity to specialize at the University of Musik (HMTM) in Hanover. After this experience I moved to Berlin, where I still live.

My life in Berlin lead to a new phase of exploration.: a whole new music scene, new music and many great musicians from all over the world! 

In the meantime, I learnt to play the medieval Fiddle and began to explore what has over time become a speciality of mine, the art of singing, accompanying myself with the Fiddle, which I use both in Solo repertoires and with Ensembles, artistic Performances and Electronic Music.

I decided to give a new life to my personal and musical experiences and started new collaboration which lead to original projects such as:

  • EXTEMPORE duo – Gregorian Chant and electronic music: with Michele Pedrazzi (live electronic)  feature the video Artist Mauro Lovisetto
  • VORTEX Ensemble- Medieval Music interpretation from 1100 until 1500: with Valentina Bellanova 
  • INTRECCI duo – Contemporary jazz with the Master Quique Sinesi
  • RE-FLEXIONS Solo Project – Evocative medieval Music, Improvisation, Contemporary for Voice, Fiedel, Live Electronic and Video
  • A CHANTAR Solo Project – Medieval Songs, Storytelling for Voice and Fiedel

In addition to working as a singer, I am a passionate vocal teacher and I work at the “Leo Borchard Musikschule” in Berlin. 

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