Vortex Ensemble

“...The virtuosity with which they both master their instruments and voice leaves one speechless. The two artists present improvised games and communicate through imperceptible glances and gestures in perfect harmony… The texts from the Venetian’s travel diary enriched the musical programme…. the audience was more than satisfied and thanked the duo with prolonged applause…” Augsburger Allgemeinen


Ensemble Vortex was born out of a shared passion for medieval music, European and otherwise. Tamara Soldan began singing ancient music as a child, specialised in jazz singing and returned to her roots in recent years, integrating her activity as a singer with the use of the medieval fiddle. Valentina Bellanova has always practised medieval music, integrating it with her own activity as a ney player, thanks to which she performs with ensembles of Arabic and Turkish classical music in Germany and Europe.

Only one year after its birth, Vortex gained international attention by performing in 6 different European countries (Germany, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovakia, Czech Republic). 

With its programme on music in Dante’s time, conceived in the Dantean year 2021, it obtained funding from Neustart Kultur, thanks to which it produced its debut album, entitled ‘Dante and the music of his time’ (in German, ‘Dante und die Musik seiner Zeit’).

In 2022, Vortex Ensemble won the ‘Green Tour’ project for the Goethe-Institut, a travelling residency in three  European countries. 

As a result of the musical relationships forged during this period, Vortex performed, among others, in the prestigious House of Music in Budapest.

He has also performed at prestigious venues and festivals such as: Early Music Festival Musica Ahuse- Germany, Bormel Foundation. Geneva, Bratislava City Museum, Mensel Museum Brno.



Tamara Soldan (Italian) for vocal and fiddle 

Valentina Bellanova (Italian) for recorders, ney, symphonia,  bagpipes, voice


Some topics:


LA MUSICA AL TEMPO DI DANTE (“Musik zur Zeit Dantes”)

AUF REISEN MIT MARCO POLO: Orient and Occident: on the trail of Marco Polo




Programme 2024:

Orient and Occident:
on the trail of Marco Polo

On the 700th anniversary of Marco Polo’s death, the Vortex ensemble wants to make a tribute to the life and legacy of one of the greatest explorers in human history and celebrate the cultural interconnection that characterised his epic journeys among the wonders of the world.

The Vortex ensemble, a musical ensemble of excellence consisting of Tamara Soldan on vocals and medieval Fiddle and Valentina Bellanova on flutes, symphonia, bagpipes, Arabic and Turkish ney, Hulusi, will lead a musical journey without boundaries. Through a masterful synergy of European, Middle Eastern and Chinese sounds, the duo will guide through the sound textures of the civilisations that Marco Polo encountered on his journeys undertaken with unparalleled courage and curiosity.

The music of this project is conceived as a bridge between eras and continents, a way to explore the traditions, sounds and rhythms that enchanted Marco Polo during his adventurous travels. The performance by the Vortex ensemble promises to take the audience on an exciting journey, enveloping them in the evocative melodies of European courts, the mysteries of ancient Eastern cultures and the serene harmony of Chinese traditions.

An opportunity to immerse oneself in the beating heart of the cultures that enchanted Marco Polo’s soul and, through music, discover our world in new and meaningful ways.


Tamara Soldan – voice and medieval fiddle

Valentina Bellanova – flutes, Arabic and Turkish ney, symphonia, bagpipes, hulusi, voice

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