In the fall of 2018 I went to listen to a concert in Berlin. I didn’t know the musicians beforehand but I was curious to hear a project that mixed jazz and Argentine music. 

It was great! Quique Sinesi’s music is so poetic and I felt so close to it.

When I later met Quique, we spoke about music, his Italian roots and my family connection with Argentina. We decided to weave together Italy and Argentina, our roots, music, stories and languages. In one word: Intrecci.”

The Project is called “Intrecci” and it combines jazz, improvisation, contemporary and Argentinian sounds. Original music by Quique Sinesi and lyrics written by Tamara Soldan.

Quique Sinesi is considered one of the most important and influential Argentine guitarists. He has released albums with renowned musicians and is a Grammy winner. His interpretations are immersed in the traditional music of the Andes, in candombe, jazz and classical music. Through the combination with improvisations, he presents himself with a very personal mix of styles. In addition, Quique reinterprets the seven-string guitar and the charango.

He played for years with the bandoneonist Dino Saluzzi and founded the group Alfombra Mágica with Matias Gonzalez and Horacio López. Some other musicians with whom he has played or recorded are: Enrico Rava, Pedro Aznar, Ruben Rada, Paquito de Rivera, Joe Lovano, Markus Stockhausen, Erling Kroner, Wolfgang Haffner, Marcelo Moguilevsky, Michael Forman, Carlos Aguirre, Juan Falú,Silvia Iriondo,Nora Sarmoria,Helena Ruegg,Michel Godard,Angelika Nieschier,Claudio Puntin, Karnataka College of Percusion, Dieter Ilg, Jasper Van Hof, Nazim, Daniel Messina, Pablo Ziegler Quintet, to name just a few.

Jim Hall commented: “One of the joys of my secret visit to Buenos Aires was meeting and hearing Quique Sinesi. He became instantly one of my favourite guitarists.”

In the project “Intrecci” he meets the crystal clear voice of the Italian jazz singer Tamara Soldan. Together, they take the audience on an emotional journey of discovery through Argentina, Andean tradition, original songs and tango in combination with jazz and poetic music.


Photo – Roberto Zanardo

Listen on Soundcloud:


Seras Verdad

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