Solo Projects

Birds and Love -
Solo Performance

TAMARA SOLDAN, voice / fiedel / live electronic

A painful, impossible love. A story that dates back to 1300, a score written behind a papal bull in England. This is the story of “Brid one Brere” a song as enchanting as medieval music.

Tamara Soldan in her solo project “Birds and Love” wants to tell stories that come from the ancient past by mixing voice, the sound of the Fiddle and effects. 

She combines Gregorian Chants, Middle Ages pieces and original compositions in a new way. Ancien Chants will find a new contemporary light..

A Chantar - Solo Acoustic

TAMARA SOLDAN, voice and  fiddle

As a contemporary Troubadour, she sings acoustic with  voice, fiddle and other instruments. The music comes from the big repertoire of the Middle Age. The space and audience is also part of the performance. Tamara moves in the space to explore the different sound perceptions. The result is a whole immersive music  journey.